Say goodbye to deployment delays, reactive approaches, and the unexpected failures plaguing your legacy systems’ DevOps strategies!

Revolutionize your application deployment and empower your operations team with NXTmonitor, our proactive software management tool. This intelligent application management tool captures developer knowledge, records dependencies, and runs health scripts to ensure production runs flawlessly.  Deploying application updates has just become a smooth and seamless procedure. With easy-to-read status updates, accessible log files, and automated notifications, NXTmonitor resolves issues before end-users can become affected.

eCube’s products are now classified as HIP

Since last year’s announcement by Gartner of the new classification of products known as Hybrid Integration Platform, we recognized eCube’s products have been HIP compliant for several years and we are updating their classification as a Hybrid Integration Platform. The flagship product NXTera is a high performance middleware built to replace the venerable Entera middleware from Borland. NXTera enables Cloud communication via Web Services and supports newer languages like python, Java and Ruby. NXTmonitor is a third generation APM that replaces AppCenter and Appminder from Borland and supports Hybrid Infrastructures on the Cloud with Web Services as well. NXTware is the platform that enables these products and it is Hybrid Integration Platform enabled.

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