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eCube Systems and Lima-Thompson Consulting

eCube Systems, LLC, a provider of the NXTware hybrid infrastructure platform and legacy modernization tools and services, announced that it will enter into a joint venture agreement with Lima-Thompson Consulting to develop and market advanced security applications to Fortune 500 companies.

“eCube is pleased to announce this joint venture developing an enterprise security application” says Kevin Barnes Managing Partner at eCube Systems.” With our expertise in Hybrid Infrastructure Platforms and LTCG’s in depth expertise and knowledge of computer security issues and needs, we are confident that we can build a highly advanced, scalable and portable enterprise security solution. ”
“Our clients have been looking for this unique security solution for many years, and by leveraging each other’s strengths and capabilities, Lima Thompson Consulting Group and eCube can make that a reality.” says Rhett Thompson, Global Sales Director Lima-Thompson. “eCube’s HIP methodology provides us with a dynamic solution around which we can build enterprise tools to enhance our security model and our enterprise services offering.”
eCube’s NXTware platform provides the infrastructure for developing tools and processes that can greatly enhance any company’s security. For more information about eCube and Lima-Thompson, follow these links:

eCube Systems website

ABOUT Lima-Thompson Consulting Group
LTCG is a Consulting, Technology and Outsourcing services Company. The company offers Cybersecurity Professional Services, Management and IT Consulting Services, Systems Integration, Technology Development and Design, and Outsourcing Capabilities to help businesses continue to implement growth strategies and leverage technology. LTCG Technology Services practice helps companies deliver business results through technology solutions. We bring unparalleled IT capabilities and business expertise to companies throughout Canada/US and the Bahamas.
Lima-Thompson Consulting Group Inc.
Richmond Hill, Ontario & Nassau Bahamas
Tel: 1-647-477-5618

eCube Systems helps companies maximize return on technology investment by providing development tools, hybrid infrastructure products and consulting services that extend enterprise systems. Fortune 1000 companies and government agencies turn to eCube Systems to reduce risk, extend ROI, and increase productivity as they develop high performance solutions and consolidate existing capabilities by evolving to and integrating with contemporary Web Services.
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